Tim Versteeg 韦添荣
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Tim has built and ran businesses in Europe and Asia. After starting his own software company WinInv during his studies, he began his career at Asset Control (AC) in business and pre-sales consultancy, with a thorough grounding in product management. Subsequently, Tim began a business development career, via another founded company Sales Cycle and bus dev roles at AC and Broadridge. He is currently running the APAC business of NeoXam in Singapore.
Tim enjoys life, with a motto "talent is a form of really wanting something" (HvdL, Mont Ventoux). Tim is born on the 11th of May 1977 in The Netherlands. He studied Economics in Groningen, where he met Elke the first time. After earning his Masters he spent time in Nigeria and Amsterdam, where he met Elke again. Three years later they got married in Hong Kong where they lived for 8 years, before moving to Singapore, where they live and work since 2020.
Tim is an (endurance) sports enthusiast with road race cycling on top of the list. He started cycling in 1994 on a 15kg second handbike bought from his savings as paperboy. In 2008 he commenced on a semi-professional training program, resulting in winning a few cyclo events. An accident in 2010 put an abrupt end to his racing. Nowadays he enjoys riding his S-Works Venge in Singapore, (trying) to chase after Strava records around the island.